Women's Wetsuit Pants <br> and Shorts Reinvented

Women's Wetsuit Pants
and Shorts Reinvented


      Discover the next generation of watersport apparel with the Sharkskin's range of Women’s Wetsuit Pants and Shorts. We've taken innovation to new levels, creating a range that redefines comfort, function, and style specifically for Women.

      Sharkskin’s proprietary 3-layer material has all of the benefits of neoprene and none of the downsides so you are more comfortable and stay warmer longer.

      Key Features of Sharkskin Women's Wetsuit Pants and Shorts:

      • Versatility in Design: Our Women’s Wetsuit Pants and Shorts come in a range of styles and cuts to suit any water activity. Whether for paddling, diving, surfing & foiling, sailing or casual swimming, you can find your perfect pair here.
      • Advanced Fabric Technology: Utilising our innovative Chillproof and Rapid Dry materials, these Women’s Wetsuit Pants offer optimal warmth and insulation along with quick drying capabilities. Stay warm and move freely without the usual restriction and bulk.
      • Superior Comfort & Fit: Tailored for the active woman, our Women’s Wetsuit Pants and Shorts provide exceptional comfort. The flexible designs shape to your body, offering extra support and padding where you need it.
      • UPF50+ Sun Protection: Our Women’s Wetsuit Pants offer maximum sun protection, keeping your skin shielded from harmful rays. Enjoy the sun and stay safe.
      • Durable and Eco-Friendly: Made from revolutionary Sharkskin materials, our Women’s Wetsuit Pants and Shorts are not only long-lasting but also produced with environmental considerations in mind.
      • Ideal for All Seasons: Sharkskin Women’s Wetsuit Pants are designed for all weather conditions, providing the right amount of insulation whether the water is warm, cold, or in-between.

      Dive into Excellence with Women’s Wetsuit Pants and Shorts

      When you choose Sharkskin, you're not just selecting another pair of pants or shorts; you're embracing the future of water sports apparel. The traditional wetsuit made from neoprene has its place BUT Sharkskin’s new design garments made from the latest cutting edge technical materials are vastly superior and bring added benefits to keep you warmer and more comfortable while on your watersports adventures – no matter what the weather.

      Proudly designed and manufactured in Newcastle, Australia, our products echo our commitment to quality and innovation.

      Explore the full collection of Women’s Wetsuit Pants and Shorts today and feel the difference for yourself.

      How do you wash a women's wetsuit shorts/pants?

      To clean wetsuit pants or wetsuit shorts for women, gently rinse them in cool water after each use, and for a more thorough wash, use a wetsuit-appropriate detergent. It's important to avoid high temperatures and machine washing to maintain the material's quality.

      How tight should a ladies wetsuit pants be?

      Wetsuit pants for women should offer a close fit that allows full range of motion, ensuring they're snug enough to maintain a warm layer of water between the suit and the skin, which is essential for insulation.