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Women's Wetsuit Tops Reinvented

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      Women's Wetsuit Tops: The Evolution in Watersports Wear

      Witness the next chapter in watersports apparel with Sharkskin’s line of women's wetsuit tops. We’ve transcended technical limits, reimagined standards, and harnessed transformative materials for a genuinely unparalleled performance both on and beneath the water.

      Our women's wetsuit tops, ranging from sleek short-sleeve designs to protective long-sleeve tops and functional sleeveless vests, are not just another addition to your watersports attire. They represent cutting-edge solutions that amalgamate unmatched comfort, optimal warmth, and high-end performance. Whether you’re into snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, or simply revelling in the ocean’s embrace, our tops assure unparalleled upper body warmth, eliminating the common concerns of excess bulk or buoyancy associated with traditional wetsuits.

      Dive into the secret behind our success: the revolutionary 3-layer Chillproof material. This truly innovative, non-compressible and neutrally buoyant material  offers the insulation of a 2-3mm neoprene wetsuit without the usual hassle of added weight. Tailored for versatility, wear it solo in tropical paradises or layer it beneath a wetsuit in cooler waters for added protection against the cold.

      For those chilly adventures, our Titanium T2 Chillproof range incorporates titanium nano-technology, amplifying insulation to rival a 4-5mm neoprene wetsuit. The magic of Far Infrared (FIR) energy augments warmth and introduces an array of health, performance, and recovery advantages.

      Elevate your watersports experience with our Performance Wear collection, a symphony of all Sharkskin material innovations, striking the ideal balance between warmth, luxury, breathability, and performance.

      The Sharkskin Rapid Dry fabric redefines the traditional rash guard standards, delivering enhanced insulation, unparalleled UPF50+ sun protection, and 100%  resistance to chlorine.

      When you opt for Sharkskin, it’s not merely about selecting a wetsuit top. It’s about aligning with the pinnacle of watersports apparel, shaped by innovative  material technology, trailblazing design, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Every piece is a testament to our ethos of forward-thinking innovation, meticulously crafted in our state-of-the-art facility in Newcastle, Australia.

      Before making your definitive Sharkskin women's wetsuit top choice, delve into the essentials: wetsuit thickness, design features, and material excellence . Want a deeper dive? Explore these enlightening pages to understand us better:

      Sharkskin Women's Wetsuit Tops Key Features

      • Conceived from our pioneering Sharkskin materials - robust, flexible, breathable, UPF50+, all sculpted for supreme performance.
      • Multiple styles: From chic short-sleeve designs, to protective long-sleeve tops, and the versatile sleeveless vest.
      • Frontline Fabric Innovations: Unveiling the genius of Chillproof and Rapid Dry garments  for best  insulation and sun protection, to our Titanium T2 Chillproof, Performance Wear, and R-Series Compression garments  that encapsulate heat-amplifying Liquid Titanium tech.
      • Ready for Every Season: Whether it’s the tropical warmth, the icy embrace, or the in-betweens, Sharkskin promises consistent warmth.

      Delve into the future of watersports wear with Sharkskin. Browse our collection today and embrace the transformation yourself.