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      Sharkskin Rapid Dry

      Australian Company Re-Invents the Rash Guard for Watersports!

      Anyone who has used a traditional rash vest knows that there are some common frustrations – they absorb water and because they fit skin-tight they draw blood to the surface of your skin. Because of this, you can actually feel colder when wearing a traditional rashie, especially in the wind. A normal rashie will also quickly fade and wear out from the effects of the sun, saltwater, and chlorine.

      After reinventing the wetsuit, Sharkskin decided it was time to also reinvent the rashie and make it better!

      Introducing the Sharkskin Rapid Dry, a game-changer in watersports apparel. Designed to resist deterioration in UV, saltwater, and chlorine environments much longer than traditional treatments, the Sharkskin rashie is the ultimate companion for Australian watersports enthusiasts. With its unique sharkskin technology, it's not only effective at shedding water but also retains vibrant colours without fading.

      Sharkskin Rapid Dry combines the latest fabric technologies to resolve all of the common flaws of the traditional rashie to deliver a lightweight and quick drying garment to keep you warmer. It is way more insulative than your normal rashie and has a long-lasting water repellent treatment while also being breathable, durable, chlorine-resistant, and UPF 50+ for full sun protection. Rapid Dry is the perfect summer top for all watersports in all conditions.

      Moreover, the relaxed fit ensures it is not restrictive, allowing a full range of movement, crucial for peak performance in any watersport. The odour-resistant properties and rapid dry looks great even after a full day of activities, ensuring you remain comfortable and fresh.

      It has a relaxed fit that does not ‘cling’ to your body like most rashie and lycra tops. Rapid Dry looks and feels great on and so is perfect for wearing in-between watersports sessions or even just as a casual top.

      With an emphasis on body temperature regulation, the Sharkskin Rapid Dry stands out among rashies Australia-wide, providing an unparalleled experience for surfers, swimmers, and divers alike. Its innovative design ensures you stay warm without compromising on mobility, making it a staple in the Australian watersports community.

      Sharkskin Rapid Dry can also be layered with other Sharkskin garments to allow you to adjust your comfort level up or down depending on the weather conditions. Rapid Dry will quickly become your number 1 summer watersports garment!

      Available in a range of colours including hi-vis for ocean safety, and a range of designs including mens long sleeve, short sleeve, and the new long sleeve with a ‘stand-up’ collar for extra neck protection from the sun.

      Sharkskin handcrafts 95% of its highly innovative range in its own factory in Newcastle, Australia.

      Head to your nearest dealer for a closer look or buy online today!


      Do you wear a bra with a rashie?

      Wearing a bra with a rashie depends on personal preference and the type of activity you'll be doing. Many women's rashies and women rash vests are designed to be worn without a bra as they provide sufficient support and coverage. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a bra underneath, especially for high-impact activities, you can certainly do so. Just ensure that the bra is made from a quick drying and moisture-wicking material to stay comfortable during your watersport activities.

      What is a Rashie?

      A rashie, also known as a rash vest or rash guard, is a type of athletic shirt made from spandex and nylon or polyester. Originally designed to protect surfers from rashes caused by abrasion or sunburn, mens rash vests and women's rashies have become popular for various watersports due to their ability to provide sun protection with a UPF 50+ rating. Mens long sleeve and short sleeve options are available to suit different needs, offering versatility and comfort in different conditions. Brands like Sharkskin are known for their high quality mens rashies and womens rash vests, ensuring durability and performance.

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