Chillproof by Sharkskin is a revolutionary high-tech trilaminate (3-layer) material with the equivalent warmth of a 3mm wetsuit that will keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when your cold. Chillproof is designed for in, on and under the water.

Sharkskin Chillproof materials 
1. The outer layer is a robust and durable, high quality, 4-way stretch material with a water repellent finish.
2. The second middle layer is a 10,000+ technical membrane that both stops windchill and breathes to prevent overheating. 3.The next to skin inner layer is a unique hollow-fibre fleece that retains water when submerged and wicks moisture away when on the surface to dry quickly and keep you comfortable.

Sharkskin truly is the smart skin everyone is talking about. Sharkskin Chillproof has exceptional characteristics that will keep you warm and comfortable whether fully submerged or above water - wet or dry.
In water
A traditional wetsuit is made from a rubber like material filled with bubbles. A small amount of water is trapped in the suit and the bubbles provide insulation to prevent heat loss. The thicker the suit the more bubbles and more insulation is provided. When used for scuba diving or free diving wetsuits will compress at depth and reduce insulation and buoyancy.

Chillproof operates on a different system. When submerged the hollow-fibre fleece is designed to absorb and trap a significant volume of water and the membrane holds the water. Your body heats up this trapped water which provides a barrier against the cold water outside of the garment equal to a 3mm wetsuit. It is neutrally buoyant meaning less weight can be worn on your weight belt, does not compress at depth so retains its insulation properties, and is much less cumbersome and restrictive compared to a wetsuit for above and below water activities.

Above water
On the surface Chillproof provides a windproof and water-resistant barrier to the elements. The hollow-fibre fleece holds and traps air which your body then heats to keep you warm with minimal bulk. Any moisture is quickly wicked away and excess heat or water vapour will pass through the one-way semi-permeable membrane to limit overheating.

Even when Chillproof is wet above water your body heat is trapped in the hollow fibre fleece layer to keep you warm. Your body heat helps evaporate any water retained in the garment via the one-way membrane. Air replaces the evaporated water in the fleece which is in turn heated by your body to provide an insulation layer and to continue keeping you warm.

Wet and Dry
In many water sports you find one minute you are dry and the next minute you can find yourself wet in the water or vice versa. Sharkskin Chillproof works equally well wet or dry and can be used for a multitude of watersport activities where you are both above the water and under the water during the same session. The traditional wetsuit has many limitations both in and out of the water but these limitations are amplified when moving in and out of the water. Wetsuits are not windchill proof and so your body heat can drop rapidly when you are out of the water in a wet wetsuit. Wetsuits are also not as flexible as Sharkskin and are more restrictive for activities like kayaking, SUP paddling, etc. 

Nylon/Spandex outer layer Robbust abrasion resistance
100% Windproof membrane Stops windchill and keeps you warm
Breathable 10K+ membrane Regulates body temperature to avoid overheating
Hollow fibre fleece Best moisture wicking for skin integrity
4-Way stretch Retains shape and easy to get on and off
Neutrally buoyant Wear less weight on your weight belt
Water repellent treatment (WRT) Resists water splashes to keep you drier and warmer
Anti-microbial Stops odour from building up in the garment
UV resistant (UPF50+) Protection from the sun
Durable thread used in construction Resists deterioration in saltwater and active watersports
Saltwater resistant zippers Stops the zipper seizing up and avoids breakages