Sharkskin Rapid Dry is a single-layer lightweight and fast drying material that has re-invented and revolutionised the traditional rashie or rash shirt by adding better technology and superior features.

What makes Rapid Dry the best single-layer technical material for water sports of its kind?

Water Shedding - Rapid Dry is a lightweight, fast drying material which is ‘infused’ and then ‘heat set’ with a water repellent treatment (WRT). This method achieves a WRT finish that is much more effective at shedding water and also lasts much longer than traditional WRT material treatments.

Construction - The Rapid Dry material uses a specialised 3-D ‘rib-knit’ construction which creates far superior ‘insulation’ properties than cotton and nylon / lycra synthetic materials. This type of construction provides more warmth when the material is dry and a lot more warmth than standard weave garments when wet.

Durability - Additionally, by using a premium and very durable thread type the Rapid Dry material has 100% resistance to swimming pool chemicals (chlorine, bromine, etc) and very good resistance to the abrasive effects of salt micro-crystals formed as seawater dries out in the material.

Performance - Rapid Dry is breathable with very good ‘air permeability’ and also ‘wicks‘ moisture from your skin to the outer layer of the material to help disperse sweat. It is perfect for active water sports where it is important to regulate body temperature – like paddle sports, sailing, and any water sports where your heart rate indicates a performance requirement.

Safety - Rapid Dry has a UPF 50+ rating for protection from the Sun. This is very important as the majority of water sports are outside and in many cases the water can reflect and magnify the effect of the Sun’s harmful rays.

Visibility - Rapid Dry material comes in a wide range of colours including hi-visibility colours for safety. The premium dyes used are more colourfast than dyes used in cheaper garments and last much longer, so you are safer and more likely to be seen out on the ocean.

Fashion - The added thickness created by the 3-D ‘rib-knit’ construction also gives Rapid Dry material its ‘thickness’ which stops the garment from ‘draping’ when wet. Combined with the WRT treatment this means that Rapid Dry garments do not ‘cling’ to your body and impede movement like other water sports garments do, and instead look great when worn dry or wet.

Rapid Dry is perfect by itself as a rashie with extra insulation or layered over the top of a Chillproof or Titanium Chillproof top to provide more insulation and water shedding capabilities. It really is your do-it-all water sports garment that you can wear in and under the water and looks fashionable enough to wear to the café or bar afterwards.