Compression R-Series material is a single-layer lightweight and breathable ‘Compression’ material that includes Titanium Far-Infrared (TiFIR) technology.

 The R-Series has been developed with water sports in mind and so is very robust and very durable to be able to resist repeated immersion in fresh and/or saltwater and prolonged exposure to UVA rays in the outdoor environment.

Compression: The R-Series Compression material uses a ‘form fitting’ construction design to ‘compress’ the areas of the body that the garment is worn on. This ‘compression’ effect improves blood circulation to assist in muscle performance and recovery, and also holds muscles in the correct anatomical position to minimize damage from both physical exercise and day to day activity.

Titanium Far-Infrared technology: Titanium nanoparticles are permanently ‘infused’ into the R-Series Compression material. Far Infrared (FIR) emitted from your body is absorbed by the titanium nanoparticles in the R-Series Compression material, which then re-emit the same FIR back to the skin. Although this may seem to be an energy neutral process and to cancel itself out, it is not the case because the FIR emitting material prevents the escape of FIR that would otherwise have been lost to the outside environment.
The result is a ‘double-up’ of benefits – COMPRESSION effect plus FIR radiation effect to give you an extra boost in warmth and an extra boost in performance and muscle recovery far beyond what normal compression garments can offer.
Sharkskin R-Series Compression wear is one of the most comfortable, quick drying, robust and performance enhancing compression ranges available. It is suitable for a wide range of uses – including daily gym sessions and fitness activities, underneath Sharkskin Rapid Dry or underneath a wetsuit for the added benefits of compression and added warmth for all active watersports, or for the rigours of multisports, obstacle course racing (OCR), and other extreme activities.

Compression Improves blood circulation for better oxygenation of muscles for performance and management of lactates and detoxification of muscles for recovery
Far Infrared (FIR) for Warmth Titanium retains the body’s heat to keep you warmer than normal compression garments and help prevent muscle strain and cramping
Far Infrared (FIR) for Health Increased metabolism helps reduce inflammation and relieves pain, delays fatigue, boosts immunity and helps with relaxation
Performance Wicking Breathable compression wicks perspiration and moisture from your skin to the outer layer of the material to disperse and evaporate and prevent chafing and rashes
Breathable ventilation panels Regulates body temperature to avoid over-heating
Inbuilt posture correction panels Helps maintain posture for better performance
Durable thread Resists deterioration in saltwater and for extremely active watersports 
Anti-microbial Stops odour from building up in the garment
UV resistant (UPF50+) Protection from the sun
Designed by athletes Real world garments designed specifically for watersports