Titanium T2 Chillproof material has been developed for maximum warmth. This new material adds Titanium Far Infrared (FIR) nano-technology to the standard Chillproof trilaminate material for even more warmth along with the associated health, performance and recovery benefits of FIR.
 It has the same thickness and offers all the traditional benefits of the standard Chillproof material - it is neutrally buoyant, non-compressible and blocks wind on the surface to 100% protect from windchill. Our research indicates that it is more than 50% warmer than traditional Chillproof and offers additional recovery benefits.

What is FIR?
Far Infrared (FIR) rays are invisible wavelengths of light that are longer than that of visible light. When these invisible wavelengths of light are absorbed by the cells of the body this can be felt as heat.

FIR has also been proven to enhance blood flow and muscle recovery with the associated health and well-being benefits.

Approximately 50% of the energy generated by our own bodies is in the form of far infrared rays - so you know that FIR is 100% safe. FIR is generated from a number of different sources including naturally by the sun and artificially by medical use and sauna lamps. It has also been discovered that certain types of minerals can absorb energy and emit far infrared rays.

Titanium nanoparticles have been found to be particularly effective and show a greater infrared emissivity value than other minerals. When you embed titanium nanotechnology into a garment’s fibres in the right way you can generate far infrared – which is felt by your body as heat.

This led us to the development of Titanium T2 Chillproof material and the design of a whole new range of water sports garments with the extra warmth and extra health benefits produced by Titanium Far Infrared technology.

How does it keep you warmer?
The source of the energy needed to power the FIR emission from the Titanium T2 Chillproof material comes from your body. Energy is transferred to the titanium nano-particles which is then emitted back to your body as FIR. Not only is this felt as heat which keeps you warm, but by retaining this heat you are stopping the escape of your body’s heat to the outside environment. The net result is that you feel significantly warmer than you would if you were not wearing a Titanium T2 Chillproof garment – both underwater and above water.

What about the health benefits?
Research has proven that FIR does indeed stimulate metabolism. By increasing blood flow and improving metabolic function you will benefit from better muscle recovery after physical exertion. Evidence also suggests improvements in relaxation, the ability to sleep better, detoxification of cells and a boost in the immune system.

While the FIR from the sun or artificial lamps is higher and more concentrated, the FIR emitted from Titanium T2 Chillproof garments is both measurable and noticeable. Our tests have shown that Titanium T2 Chillproof material has the equivalent thermal protection of a 5mm neoprene wetsuit. For SCUBA and snorkelling you can wear it instead of a wetsuit in temperate waters between 21-26 degree centigrade, or you can layer it underneath a thinner wetsuit to gain an extra 5mm of warmth without the bulk of neoprene and without having to add extra weight to your weight belt. Titanium T2 Chillproof garments are equally good for above water sports activities and are particularly suited to cold air and water or if you are more sensitive to the cold and hypothermia than normal.

Nylon/Spandex outer Increased abrasion resistance
100% Windproof membrane Stops windchill and keeps you warm
Breathable 10K+ membrane Regulates body temperature to avoid overheating
Hollow fibre fleece Best moisture wicking for skin integrity
Improved 4-Way stretch Retains shape and easier to get on and off
Charcoal-Grey colour Better temperature regulation in full sun
Body mapping technology Better design and better fit
Neutrally buoyant Wear less weight on your weight belt
Water repellent treatment (WRT) Resists water splashes to keep you drier and warmer
Anti-microbial Stops odour from building up in the garment
UV resistant (UPF50+) Protection from the sun
Durable thread used in construction Resists deterioration in saltwater and during active watersports
Saltwater resistant zippers Stops zippers seizing up and breaking