Winterproof your swimming with Sharkskin

When you’re swimming in the ocean, it can be tough to keep warm and protect yourself from windchill. 

Our unique thermal wear technology will keep you warm above the water and protect you from windchill in-between and after your swimming sessions.

Normal ‘non swim-specific’ neoprene wetsuits generally inhibit the arm movement used for swimming due to the design and the thickness of the neoprene rubber used in their construction.

Want to enjoy swimming in cold weather? Read on to find the right Sharkskin garment for you.


Sharkskin Performance Wear longsleeve tops (standard and high-performance designs) teamed up with Performance Wear pants (standard and lite, short and long designs) are very popular in temperate and warmer waters to provide all the warmth you need to be comfortable long with the excellent flexibility and range of motion required for swimming.


Hooded Jacket

Add a Sharkskin Jacket for before and after your swimming session