Sharkskin Performance Wear Long Sleeve - Mens
Sharkskin Performance Wear Long Sleeve - Mens
Sharkskin Performance Wear Long Sleeve - Mens
Sharkskin Performance Wear Long Sleeve - Mens
Performance Wear Long Sleeve Top Mens
Performance Wear Long Sleeve Top Mens
Performance Wear Long Sleeve Top Mens

Performance Wear Long Sleeve Top Mens

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Australia Made
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This Sharkskin Performance Wear top uses Chillproof 3-layer material for warmth and compression fabric for maximum performance.

Chillproof panels cover the front of the torso and the lower back and kidney area. The arms and shoulders are covered in compression panels to increase endurance and muscle recovery in these working muscles. The compression fabric is also flexible and breathable for fantastic arm movement and temperate regulation and is SPF50+ to provide 100% Sun protection for your arms and shoulders.

Great for paddle watersports, board watersports, sailing, multisport, etc where you need to keep your torso warm and give your arms and shoulders a performance boost.

Also great for scuba diving and snorkelling in warmer waters. The Chillproof keeps your torso warm and the compression fabric keeps your arms and shoulders protected from the Sun.     

About Performance Wear

Performance Wear uses the best combination of Chillproof 3-layer fabric where you need warmth + Compression fabric where you need maximum flexibility and for best muscle performance + 4-Way Stretch neoprene where you require extra comfort and abrasion resistance to create a range of garments that provide full protections from the elements. By seeking feedback from and listening to the world’s best watersports athletes Sharkskin has designed the ultimate performance watersports range.

Performance Wear Features

Chillproof panels to keep you warm and protected from the elements -

  • Nylon/Spandex outer layer for superior durability and abrasion resistance.
  • 100% windproof and breathable membrane to stop windchill to keep you warm yet regulate body temperature to avoid overheating.
  • Hollow yarn 'next to skin' fleece for warmth, comfort and superior moisture wicking properties.

Compression panels strategically placed to aid in endurance and muscle recovery –

  • Breathable for additional ventilation and to regulate body temperature.
  • Lightweight and flexible to allow for maximum movement during intense watersports.

Neoprene panels in the seat and shin areas for extra stretch and comfort –

  • 4-Way stretch enables extra flexibility and fit.
  • Non absorbent for enhanced water shedding. 

Additional properties -

  • Durable water repellent finish (DWR) to provide a protective shell that ‘sheds’ water. 
  • Non-chaffing, itch and odour resistant properties mean that garments can be worn for long periods of time.
  • Durable seam thread to resist deterioration in saltwater so the garment will last longer.
  • Neutrally buoyant tops so there is no need to add extra weight when diving.
  • SPF50+ for sun protection to avoid skin damage and melanoma.

Designed to last

We source the world’s most technically advanced materials, create the highest quality design and utilize the best manufacturing techniques to create garments that are built to last.

Eco Friendly

At SHARKSKIN we are passionate about watersports activities and we care about minimising our impact on the environment. We use biodegradable and compostable packaging bags, minimise waste in our manufacturing and design long lasting products.

Sharkskin Performance Guarantee

SHARKSKIN garments come with a 2-year guarantee on workmanship. Excludes fading and degeneration as a result of excessive exposure to chlorine or sunlight. We guarantee SHARKSKIN will perform as advertised.

Available in black and black/hi-vis orange


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
John C.

Love the top great for everything

Shaun S.&.D.W.

I love the Sharkskin kit. It performed brilliantly over the two regattas we’ve used it for this summer. If you look at photos of the 12 Foot Skiff Interdominionsyou’ll notice that we were the only guys warm enough to sail in shorts! We layered Performance Wear tops and shorts over the Chillproofgarments; the combination was really warm and much more flexible than a traditional wetsuit. The Performance ‘compression’ gear allowed us to keep our PFD and harness enveloped and also provided protection from chafing during some hard sailing.

Juan F.B.

For me competing on Jetskiwith Sharkskin has been a very positive experience this season. The garments give me the comfort I need during the resistance trials. The fabric is light and regulates my body temperature the whole time. Without doubt the binomial sportswear-pilot is very important in my speciality and Sharkskin gives me the protection I need.

Finn B.

There are three branches of white water kayaking -extreme creek boating which involves paddling creeks and waterfalls; freestyle, surfing river waves and tricks; and slalom which is a timed race while negotiating a series of gates. I am heavily involved in Slalom training but do spread my time over all three branches.I am proud to wear the silver fern on my chest, New Zealand on my back. NZL on my boat and Sharkskin on my body.


This is the quickest drying paddle garment imaginable. Perfect for 2 hour downwind training runs to WaihekeIsland and catching the ferry back. Even in cold southerlies and rain nothing is lighter, warmer or drier.

Dougal A.

Multisport for me is a year-round obsession. Living in Wanaka I am faced with climatic extremes on an almost daily basis. My competitive advantage often comes from my willingness to train in all conditions. My Sharkskin gear matches my attitude perfectly. Whether it is snowing on Lake Wanaka, blowing a gale on the Clutha River or the sun is roasting me in summer, I know my Sharkskin gear has an answer to every situation. It is simply the most effective paddle gear I have used, and it goes pretty well on the bike too.

Deane J.

Sharkskin has to be the best thermal garment I’ve used for my Kitesurfing. Comfortable, warm and lightweight it’s great when the wind chill gets down. During the winter months can be especially hard while teaching but with my sharksinsunder my wetsuit I’m fine even with the harshest southerlies.

Straight Y.T.

Performance Wear Long Sleeve top - "this is an excellent paddle top in cold to very cold conditions. The material dried quickly, was comfortable against the skin, and kept the user at a very comfortable temperature when paddling at at a medium pace. The cut is ideal as the wide arms allow free paddle movement, and the Chillproof fabric's wind-blocking ability meant that we remained comfortable in some truly awful conditions."

Shaun T.

I am in the New Zealand Team for White Water Canoe Slalom and I have been using this gear for the past year. I have found it to be a very good product to wear as it is comfortable, warm and you still have full movement in it unlike a wetsuit. Sharkskin suits all weather conditions and temperatures, especially on Lake Wakatipuin the South Island of New Zealand. I would defiantly recommend these garments to any person who works in water environments, and needs a top that is versatile in all conditions.

Rob F.

Sharkskin is all about staying warm and avoiding wind chill on and around the water. The new Performance Top allows for that without the chance of overheating and keeping the wearer safe from the sun at the same time. Tests so far have proven its worth in our ever changing conditions and, as we all know, our weather can often expose us to four seasons in one day which the Performance Top deals with like no other product out there can. The compression material is extremely nice when I am paddling and makes my muscles feel great with firm unhindered support. Better still the material is great to fish with and is perfect for activities like softbaitingwhich usually involves plenty of casting and working of the bait.

Australian made


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